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Rutgers University employs a distributed security model. The RU CIRT reviews incident reports and dispatches them to the appropriate departmental computing staff for resolution. In other words, notification and data collection are centralized while execution and resolution are decentralized.

The RU CIRT reviews and forwards reports to departmental computing staff for resolution. A response from the department is expected within 3 days. Devices that impact the operation of RUNet are subject to blocking and/or removal from RUNet.
A response by departmental computing staff to indicating that the issue has been resolved is appreciated. Please reply as to:

  • whether Restricted or Internal information stored on the device? If
    so, please briefly describe the data.  See Rutgers University policy on
  • what you found upon your investigation of the problem
  • what steps were taken to fix the problem
  • whether the report was valid or a false positive

Note: Please do not send sensitive information in email.
Please retain the subject line so that we can more easily track responses to issues.