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Remote Access VPN provides connectivity that allows remote computers to behave as though they were directly attached to the campus network infrastructure. While connected, resources only available to computers directly connected to the campus network are accessible.


***Rutgers in is in the process of transitioning Remote Access VPN services to a new platform. The target date for production availability is late summer 2019 and will become the standard for all users on Janurary 1, 2020. Instructions for each OS can be found in the VPN dropdown on this page. For General VPN instructions, click the red button below. Once it is available, registration can be completed by visiting the Service Activation area for your NetID management (***

PLEASE NOTE: Registration through the service portal is NOT active yet and users should continue to use the Pulse Secure VPN service or RBHS VPN service outlined below until the new VPN is open to the University.  This page will be updated at that time.

General VPN Instructions

For information and instructions on the widely used legacy VPN systems that will be available throughout the transition, please visit the following:

RBHS Network – Cisco Anyconnect:

RUnet Network – Pulse VPN:
Web portal:
The Pulse client is available from the Rutgers software portal:


If you’re having trouble connecting, please create a ticket for remote access VPN at or contact Security Operations via the link in the sidebar.